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IT Repairs & Upgrades

PC Hardware Repairs
Computer Upgrades
Laptop Hardware Repairs

Laptop Screen Replacement
Laptop Upgrades
Memory Upgrades

IT Maintenance 

Computer Maintenance
PC Health Checks (Including Laptops)
Windows Blue Screen Errors Fixed
Computer Performance Problems Resolved 

Data Services

Data Recovery
Data Backup
Data Transfer
Secure data erasing


Wired Networks
Wireless Networks
Wireless Security Configuration
Broadband & Cable Installation
File Sharing (Home & Business)

Operating Systems

Operating System Installation
Operating System Upgrading

Operating System troubleshooting

Security & Online Protection

Antivirus & Spyware Solutions
Virus & Spyware Removal
Firewall Installation & Setup (Hardware & Software)
Wireless Security Configuration
Secure Wiping of Sensitive Data

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From £30
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From £40

Physical damage to your machine, for example broken screen, loose power jack, keyboard not responsive, or you need hardware upgraded.


We also offer an SSD hard drive upgrade service. We can clone your current hard drive to a new SSD drive keeping your programs and files untouched and ready to use once fitted.

Our most common call out is for slow, unresponsive computers. If you are having performance issues with your machine or your computer is not booting up or behaving as expected give us a call.

Ensure that your computer has adequate antivirus and firewall protection installed. Not having any can lead to viruses and spyware clogging up your computer causing performance issues and even data loss in the worst case scenario. Ensure you have the latest protection for your system. Let us protect you.

Some issues caused by viruses and malicious software can damage and corrupt important operating system files. In many cases it often safer and quicker to do a fresh operating system reinstall. We can do this for you.

We are experts in networking, wired and wireless. Whether you want connection issues diagnosed, file sharing set up between computers in multiple rooms, or your WiFi network secured. We do it all!

We can backup your important personal files from your system. This can be useful if you have bought a new computer and want your files transferred to the new machine. We can also recover data if you have had a system crash or malfunction and can no longer access the data. Ask us about our range of data services.