Frequently Asked Questions

1) I have a water damaged laptop, is it repairable: 

It really depends on the type of liquid that has been spilt onto the laptop, and how much of the liquid you managed to soak up directly after the spill. Sometimes the laptop will be beyond economical repair if the liquid has soaked right into the motherboard while the system was still powered on for example. We can open up your laptop and see what damage has been done and provide you with an estimate to fix it.

2) I'm not sure if my computer is fixable. If it isn't, will I still be charged?

If your computer is found to be beyond economical repair, we will only charge you a fixed call out fee of £15.00

3) Can my computer be taken away to be fixed then returned to me?

Yes we offer a collect and drop service. Sometimes it is more convenient for us and the customer to take the computer away for fixing, especially if the repair will take quite a while. We can then return the computer at a time convenient for you. There is no additional charge for this service unless you are located outside of our coverage area, then a fee of £15.00 will apply.

4) I have lost all of my photos from my computer, can they be recovered?

That depends on the amount of time you have used your computer since the data loss. We have the latest data recovery tools and experience to ensure the best chance of recovering your data. If you have suffered data loss, stop using your computer or device immediately because your lost files may be overwritten with new data. Call us now for FREE advice about data recovery.